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We provide support and guidance on safety compliance by providing comprehensive solution and encouraging frequent improvements; minimizing risks to zero and increasing

Our Solutions


Much like any other company, its initial purpose of existence is to drive growth.Four decades on, with heritage, a culture of teamwork, and teeming with years of experience, WESTCO now exists with a higher purpose, one that embodies its growth partners, the industry, its customers, and more importantly its people.

WESTCO is a company providing professional electrical engineering services, equipment, consultancy and training as a solution provider for power system reliability and efficiency for effective cost management for industries and consumers. All of which are referenced to internationally recognized standards and procedures.

As a trusted solution provider for the Philippine electrical industry, WESTCO has carefully chosen products relevant to market and its professional practitioners. Function, form, reliability, accuracy, and support are bywords of solutions we represent, all of which have stellar brand reputations owning to their own manufacturing heritage.

Anchored on our Core Values of Mastery, Integrity, Care, and Excellence, we approach the market with the commitment distinct to WESTCO, the commitment of technical support, and the sharing of knowledge.

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