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What We Do

Through our vast experience and drive for development, we are passionate about providing complete solutions for energy efficiency, performance and sustainability. Harnessing technology by being your partner, through seamless process, skill and reliability.

We are veterans. Our story began way back in 1976 when our company was first established as R.R. Peñalosa Electrical & Communications Co., Inc. (R-PEC); a designer and contractor for building telephone systems and outside plant construction facilities for high-rise buildings, hotels, subdivisions and military bases.

Determined Trailblazers

Like all visionaries, we just needed that big break. Our venture grew rapidly that in 1985, we were given an opportunity to expand our operations to the United States with electrical contractor’s license in the State of California. Among the notable projects we undertook are the construction of a flight simulator building for F-16 airplanes at the El Toro Marine Base, one of the largest marine bases in the United States the Pacific stronghold of the US Naval Fleet, the design and build of a caster manufacturing plant, a 21-unit dwelling apartment building, and mini-mall to name a few.

Leveraging the Experience

The knowledge and experiences we gained as a contractor in the United States enabled us to adapt and infuse more thorough systems and procedures in the implementation of our various construction projects here in the Philippines, both in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Exceeding the Vision

The 1990s was a decade of significant change for us. We carried out a major restructuring program, broadening of our corporate organization and scope of operations; Hence the inception of WESTCO ELECTRICAL & EQUIPMENT CORPORATION.

The progress of dynamic products and ideas in the industry continued that we now specialize in supplying test instrument devices; provide power system testing services and design. Having partners in Europe and United States, we take pride in carrying the leading software and equipment available in the market.

Engr. Penalosa is founder and President of WESTCO Electrical and Equipment Corp. His expertise comes from professional background of 32 years industry experience and has a wide range of activities in the has attended numerous courses and workshops overseas to add to his knowledge and experience. Aside from his professional expertise and business, he is also very active with involvements as an organization President in the Philippine Association of Board Examiners (PABE), Building Industry Consulting Services of the Philippines (BICSP), Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE), Society of the Philippine Electrical Contractors & Suppliers (SPECS), Confederation of Filipino Consulting Organization, and Society of Philippine Accredited Consultants (SPAC). Engr. Penalosa has also represented the Philippines in various Associations worldwide and in Asia to discuss developments in the Electrical Engineering industry.

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