Doble DFA300 RFI & Acoustic Signal Surveyor

Designed to survey Partial Discharge thru RFI method and Acoustic Emission, the DFA300 quickly identifies and locates defects in high voltage apparatus during in-service or live conditions. The DFA300 makes for a perfect tool for condition-based maintenance programs.


  • Combination tool uses both RFI and acoustic technology
  • Registers RFI from apparatus with insulation problems including PD and arcing
  • Locate and diagnose internal problems using the acoustic sensor on grounded surfaces
  • Easy to use, handheld device with large display screen


  • Perform non-invasive surveys of critical assets
  • Identify and locate insulation defects in gas insulated and open air substations, transformers, instrument transformers and cable terminations
  • Convenient tool for daily use or routine substation surveys along with thermography


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