Doble DFA500 RFI & Acoustic Signal Analyzer

The Doble DFA500 is a radio frequency interference and acoustic signal analyzer used to discover early signs of insulation problems in GIS, SF6-filled dead-tank breakers and instrument transformers. Used during commissioning or while the equipment is in service, the DFA500 can detect flaws such as bouncing particles, protrusions, floating potentials as well as mechanical vibrations.


  • Five different modes for analysis: oscilloscope, bar graph, phase resolved, time of flight and location
  • Simultaneous reading of UHF and acoustic signatures in all modes
  • Quick and easy to configure, this portable device produces results in seconds
  • Battery-operated device runs for up to 6 hours on one charge
  • Wireless synchronization module for timing partial discharge and mechanical activity against the power system frequency
  • View instant readouts on large LCD screen and easily navigate through measuring modes and settings
  • Review, make reports and upload results with the PDViewer software


  • Find and monitor internal flaws in gas insulated switchgear and act before they turn into catastrophic failures
  • Identify and locate partial discharge, particles and mechanical defects such as loose parts and vibrations
  • Determine failure type based on acoustic characteristics
  • Distinguish between particles, protrusions, floating potentials and insulator support problems
  • Cost-effective alternative to GIS monitoring systems


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