Doble LCM500 Leakage Current Monitor

The surge arrester may be innexpensive.  However, failure of this device can result in severe damage for the power transformer.  The Doble LCM500 Leakage Current Monitor can measure condition while a surge arrester is still in service, measuring the quality of the metal oxide blocks and helping manage the risk of failure.  It takes a mere 15 minutes to establish the health and condition of the surge arrester.


  • Portable, battery-operated instrument for regular condition assessment of surge arresters
  • Unique identification of each surge arrester makes data management easy
  • Instrument can store 1000 surge arrester IDs and measurements performed in the field
  • Defines individual surge arrester types including operational parameters
  • Perform evaluation of groups of surge arresters, e.g. by type or region, with included software
  • Rated in accordance with IEC 60099-5 for field monitoring of metal oxide surge arresters


  • Safe and effective assessment of metal oxide surge arresters
  • Inspection of a surge arrester takes less than 15 minutes on location and can be performed with the arrester in service
  • Can be used for short-term monitoring of one arrester to investigate details in leakage current changes over time


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