Doble PD-Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer

Partial Discharge activity is one of the leading indicators for determination of insulation health and integrity. The PD-Smart is an effective device specifically designed and calibrated to measure partial discharge activity in accordance to IEC60270 while the high voltage apparatus is in service. The PD-Smart’s extensive yet intuitive control makes it an invaluable instrument for condition assesment programs.


  • High measurement accuracy and sample rate
  • Complies with IEC 60270, VDE 0434 and various ANSI and IEEE standards
  • Advanced noise suppression tools include windowing, gating, frequency band shifting and an adjustable internal digital filter
  • Uses well-known and advanced Doble Lemke Noise Gating Technology with one separate channel for real hardware gating and an external antenna for elimination of external noises
  • Measures both the PD and the actual applied voltage under test
  • User interface features a customizable dashboard layout to make PD testing easier and more intuitive


  • Use for in-house and on-site applications of all types of HV apparatus
  • Combines state-of-the-art technology with 40 years of partial discharge knowledge within one smart solution
  • Noise suppression techniques make it possible to perform tests in rough and noisy environments
  • A simple way to add partial discharge analysis to your condition-based maintenance testing program


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