Doble TDR900 Circuit Breaker Test System

The Doble TDR900 is our entry-level, portable circuit breaker test set. It operates and records a circuit breaker’s contact timing, motion, velocity, main contact engagement & synchronization, trip and close coil initiation and currents. Don’t let the simple looks deceive you, the TDR900 is used globally to verify control circuit, check motion of moving parts, validate time of operation and demonstrate results of circuit breaker maintenance.


  • Monitor breakers with up to 4 breaks per phase with motion measurements
  • Detect main and pre-insertion resistor engagement and timing on all 12 channels
  • Record up to three analog and three digital customer definable parameters
  • Create and manage custom circuit breaker test plans with T-Doble software
  • Measure additional parameters in the mechanism cabinet using Doble or 3rd party transducers


  • Know that your breakers can and will perform when they are needed
  • Easily detect main contact and resistor contact timing errors
  • Control with a Doble Universal Controller (DUC), tablet or PC


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