doblePRIME IDD Bushing Monitor

The most common failures of power transformers are the high voltage bushings. The doblePRIME IDD Bushing Monitor detects the deterioration and abnormalities in the bushing insulation and issues actionable alerts. Capable of monitoring up to 12 bushings, the doblePRIME IDD Bushing Monitor provides leakage current and phase analysis for each bushing individually or together. The intelligent device utilizes the embedded Expert System to provide notifications and alarms based on off-line and calculated on-line data.


  • Capture bushing current waveforms in real time
  • Calculates values for power factor and capacitance
  • Records data at user specified intervals, or ad hoc
  • Displays alerts locally and remotely
  • Intelligent Expert System learns what is normal for your bushings
  • Notifications based on latest analysis techniques – and built on Doble’s decades of experience in the field


  • Save costly equipment by quickly reacting to rapid deterioration warnings
  • Identify problem bushings and diagnose the severity of the situation
  • Plan for bushing replacements in a proactive, risk management approach
  • Monitor up to 12 bushings, either individually or in sets of three
  • Use as a standalone product, networked to existing SCADA system, or as part of a doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform


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