doblePRIME PD Guard Partial Discharge Monitor

The doblePRIME PD-Guard™ continuously monitors partial discharge (PD) in equipment such as transformers, rotating machines, cables and switchgear. The doblePRIME PD-Guard provides local alarms and will communicate data and notifications across standard interface channels and through to networked supervisory systems. It analyzes RF emissions in the HF, VHF and lower UHF ranges.


  • Monitor partial discharge and configure monitor via computer, tablet or web-enabled device
  • Works with a variety of sensors including antenna for airborne PD, CTs for individual or bundled conductors, UHF drain valve probes for in-tank applications and bushing tap connectors
  • Built-in Expert System learns PD behavior and indicates changes in frequency and/or severity of measured PD levels
  • Alarm relays for external notification
  • Broadband RF signal detection including peak, average and quasi-peak


  • Monitor PD in critical and high-risk assets
  • Save costly equipment by quickly reacting to rapid insulation deterioration warnings
  • Identify problem areas, diagnose the severity of the situation, plan action and intervention
  • Plan for further testing, maintenance and replacements in a proactive, risk management approach
  • Use as a standalone product, networked to existing SCADA system, or as part of a doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform


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