EMI Surveyor For Rotating Machines & Power Plant Applications

Doble’s EMI Surveyor is an in-service, EMI testing solution that can identify more than 70 different electrical and mechanical defects in generators, motors, bus duct and other high-voltage (HV) electrical plant equipment. The EMI Surveyor measures the release of electromagnetic (EMI) energy resulting from HV electrical insulation-related partial discharge defects, corona, random noise, as well as LV/HV mechanical conductor-related arcing defects and sparking.


  • Portable, easy to use, handheld devices
  • Packaged kit includes all accessories needed for a comprehensive EMI assessment
  • Provides dual EMI and RFI partial discharge spectrum capabilities
  • Easily connects to multiple sensors including high-frequency current transformers, UHF drain valve, TEV probes, and directional antennae for various applications
  • Acoustically listen to radio noise generated from defects
  • Signal can be power cycle synchronized to facilitate phase resolved PD analysis


  • Efficiently plan outages by improving prioritization of needed maintenance & repairs
  • Non-invasive, in-service electrical “system assessment” surveying solution
  • No permanent high-voltage connections mitigating arc flash hazards
  • Proven technology providing asset maintenance recommendations after the first test


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