G96 Thermal Imager

5”detachable LCD with remote control unit
A 5”LCD makes working in hazardous areas and on long surveys easier for the operator. The detachable remote control panel can be operated in either the left or right hand and allows full access to the camera functions.

User friendly design, easy to handle
G96 is based on the successful system platform developed by SATIR. The new design incorporates a new user experience with powerful analysis features.

High resolution 640×480 UFPA detector
At the heart of the G96 is a high resolution 640×480 UFPA detector. With an array of 307,200 active detectors, every on-screen pixel offers an accurate and reliable temperature measurement reading. A very high thermal sensitivity of 50mK (0.05 @ 30, 50/60Hz) allows the G96 to display the sharpest images with superior image quality.

Thermal video recording
G96 can record a non-radiometric thermal video onto the SD card. The user can save the thermal video up to a total of 4 hours using a 4GB SD card. The thermal video is stored in MP4 format, which can be played back by any generic media player.

USB2.1 infrared data transmission in real time
G96 can save the infrared images as well as connect via USB to the infrared image with temperature data, real-time video transmission

Image fusion is an advanced infrared and visible image processing technology, through this technology, G96 can put the infrared and visible light images are superimposed, so that users can find the problem more intuitively and more accurately. G96 comes with a variety of fusion mode, the user can be adjusted according to the need.



Technical Specifications: G96




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