Doble M7100 Analyzer High Voltage Asset Analyzer

Doble ushers in the new standard.

The Doble M7100 is a complete solution for high voltage testing. The M7100 automates multiple tests that were previously performed by several pieces of equipment. This can cut down testing time from seven hours to one and a half hours. With an intuitive design and dual high-voltage leads, the M7100 greatly reduces the number of ladder trips technicians are exposed to per job – sometimes cutting the number to nearly one third. This significantly improves the safety and quality of field work by limiting exposure to the workforce and reducing errors. By dramatically reducing testing time, you can now maximize outage periods by performing more maintenance during the hours previously devoted to testing.


  • Built-in Low Voltage/High Current Multi-Frequency Source
  • Combined Source and Measurement Test Leads
  • True 4-Terminal measurements
  • Intuitive design where the color or number is the connection
  • Patented dual high-voltage leads allow you to switch between Source and Measurement – both capabilities are within each HV lead
  • Enhanced safety features include new safety switch design


  • Finish testing in a third of the time
  • Maximize your outages and limit safety risk
  • Replace a truck full of instruments and cables
  • Greatly reduce the number of ladder trips technicians are exposed to per job


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