PDS100 Partial Discharge Surveyor

The Doble PDS100 Partial Discharge Surveyor is a radio frequency interference (RFI) surveying tool that is designed for partial discharge measurement in a live substation. Without the need for outages, the PDS100 can detect partial discharge (PD) in just a few seconds – making it an ideal tool for a condition-based maintenance program. Whole substations can be quickly surveyed and analyzed by simply walking around HV apparatus and using the PDS100 to detect and identify sources of PD and external interference.


  • Uses RFI technology to identify and locate defects
  • Detect harmful PD by the electromagnetic energy emitted from the area of activity
  • Compare reference baseline to readings from inside the substation
  • Spectrum and time modes
  • Store recordings in the instrument and later transfer to a PC for further analysis with PDViewer software
  • Rugged, light-weight, hand-held instrument
  • Works with a variety of sensors, probes and antennae for various applications


  • Safe and effective method for PD detection
  • Non-invasive inspection method for substation surveys
  • Use on a daily basis or during routine substation inspections together with other methods such as infrared scanning
  • Cost-effective way to include PD detection in your condition based maintenance program


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