Merus Energy Storage System

Merus™ Energy Storage Systems (ESS), built on state-of-the-art-technology are modular solutions in terms of output power and energy. Variety of operation modes and flexibility to connect to any voltage level, makes Merus™ ESS a preferred solution for complete electricity system value chain starting from the generation. Particularly renewable energy integration, and from Transmission and Distribution (T&D) down to hybrid, island and microgrids. Built-in flexible design permits easy scalability to deliver customized solution from few hundreds of kWh to several hundred MWh. Typical operation modes of Merus™ ESS include but not limited to are: frequency & voltage regulation, peak shaving and intermittent power support including unique power quality modes.

In the micro grid applications, the core of Merus™ ESS is the modern Merus™ MCC Micro Grid Controller which measures various parameters from solar farm, wind farm, hydropower plant, diesel generators or any other distributed power generator sources. Based on the micro grid loading requirement versus availability of distributed power sources, Merus™ MCC controller optimizes and prioritizes the overall power generation resulting in lowest operational costs and maximum savings of fossil fuel. Other key building blocks of Merus™ ESS systems include Merus™ Power Conversion System (PCS) and energy storage system.  Merus Power can provide a complete turnkey Merus™ ESS solution.


Merus™ Energy Storage System (ESS)

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